Trivial Pursuits by Orlando Gili

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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From cheese rolling to opera: a photographic study of what leisure time means for the English. Orlando Gili shows fascinating photographs of the English at Play

When the UK decided to leave the EU, London-born photographer Orlando Gili set out to capture who the English really are and how they like to play. He fixed his lens on the nation’s rather strange love of leisure. This book, now published in a different time, is a document of the freedoms that we now so sorely miss. From horse racing to wartime reenactments, carnivals to clubs, from ancient and quintessential rituals (medieval village bottle-kicking competitions) to the more modern (Santa pub crawls) the image reveal that which unites a divided nation: a relentless desire for organised fun. Trivial Pursuits is a celebration of the community, culture and tradition of the English… recorded just before the world changed.

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