Urban Gypsies by Paul Wenham-Clarke

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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The Westway is, for most of us, a mundane slab of tarmac, a facilitator to get to a destination (it connects London to south England’s motorways) – but for a group of travellers it’s the roof of their home. Paul Wenham-Clarke spent many months gaining the trust of the community’s leaders for unrivalled access to this otherwise closed world. His resulting portraits are intimate, arresting, and at times flamboyant.

Part of a unique culture so often stigmatised in the media, the Travellers are under increasing pressure to move on. These images, woven together with the photographer’s written story, document a close-knit community as they fight to save their cultural identity.

Urban Gypsies by Paul-Wenham Clarke is published by Hoxton Mini Press on 6 June 2019

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