What is Cooking by Ferran Adrià

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  • Genre Food
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For his latest groundbreaking publication, the pioneering chef and food genius, Ferran Adrià poses the simple yet under-explored question of “what is cooking.” Despite the thousands of books dedicated to the subject of cooking, fine dining and cuisine, the team at the elBullifoundation were unable to find any that offered a direct response to this very seemingly simple question.

What is Cooking is the latest addition to Adrià’s Sapiens series of volumes that form the basis of his Bullipedia project. The aim is to compile, create and organize content to bring together a thorough and complete encyclopedia of fine dining. This latest stand-alone book takes readers on a compelling journey to better understand the evolution and relationship between the human race and the process of preparing food.

The book offers us a rare glimpse inside the doors of his experimental elBullifoundation, bringing together Ferran’s unique personal ideas and sketches, photographs and explanatory diagrams that are used in his lectures, exhibitions and studies.

This new volume takes in all aspects of gastronomy from the birth of cuisine; to why we cook, what it means to cook creatively and the language we have attributed to cooking. Looking at fine dining in particular, the book explores the work in the kitchens to the serving of food; the business of restaurants and the culture of food. Aimed at a wide audience of professional chefs, the hospitality industry, culi- nary education and cooking enthusiasts, the book revolutionizes the way we look at, how we prepare, what we eat.

Ferran Adria

Portrait: Juanjo Everman, elBulliarchve

Ferran Adrià joined the staff of elBulli in 1984 and rapidly progressed to become head chef. Famous for his pioneering culinary techniques, he has been applauded – and imitated – around the world, and won three Michelin stars for elBulli, along with many other accolades, including the restaurant being voted best in the world five times. Since elBulli’s closure in 2011, Ferran has been lecturing around the world and developing the elBullifoundation, a culinary academy and think tank, on the site of the former restaurant.

What is Cooking: The Action: Cooking, The Result: Cuisine by Ferran Adrià is published by Phaidon June 2020

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