What To Eat Next by Valentine Warner.

  • Publisher Mitchell Beazley
  • Genre Food
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Valentine Warner is known for his adventurous, hearty and satisfying cooking that makes the very best use of the produce all around us. In this, his fourth book, Valentine shares more delicious recipes for everyday eating that can be prepared with the minimum of fuss.

The 150 recipes found in this collection, are naturally simple and many of them only take minutes to prepare. Valentine shares a few nifty cheats and a few ideas that are surprisingly delicious with so few ingredients. The overriding theme however, is that cooking should be uncomplicated and when combined with the very best ingredients, a good recipe and a little bit of kitchen know-how, the results will always be pleasing.

Many of the dishes in this collection can be whipped up in a flash such as Fried eggs, sage, capers and anchovies; Chard, bacon and walnuts on toast and Scallops with garlic cardamon butter and curry leaves. Others however will take longer but with no effort at all and happily sit in the oven while you get on with something else. These include Cheese, Leek and Potato Pie, Unctuous slow-roasted tomatoes and Frank’s mother-in-law’s friend’s syrup sponge.

With its interesting combinations, a nod towards the classics dishes and a wide variety of suggestions, this book will ensure you are never short on ideas for what to eat next.


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