When We Were Young by Lee Shulman

  • Publisher Hoxton Mini Press
  • Genre Photography
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Nostalgic and heartwarming: anonymous family photos from the
40s and 70s provide pure escapism

Photography compiled by Lee Shulman, creator of The Anonymous Project

Introduction by Lucy Davies

Published 5 November 2020 by Hoxton Mini Press
£18.95 Hardback

Filmmaker Lee Shulman, founder of The Anonymous Project, has spent years collecting almost 800,000 colour slides from members of the public. His new book, When We Were Young, records memories of growing up in Britain between the 40s and 70s: picnics beside cars, ice creams at the seaside, paddling pool dips, even a baby’s first sip of stout… These richly emotive images are at once unknown and deeply familiar, and looking at them

is akin to discovering an old relative’s long-lost photo album. What happened to these people after the shots were taken? These intimate moments provide an escape into the lives of others and at this time of uncertainty and darkness some light from the past.

‘They are portraits without beholders, faces without names, stories with a thousand endings.’ – Lucy Davies, from the introduction



About The Anonymous Project

The Anonymous Project is dedicated to collecting and preserving colour slides from the last 70 years from all around the world. Started in 2017 by filmmaker
Lee Shulman, the project seeks to preserve Kodachrome memories and create new ways of storytelling that question our place in the world today.

About the Publisher

Hoxton Mini Press is a small indie publisher based in east London. They are dedicated to making collectable photography books that are accessible, affordable and playful, and believe that as the world goes more online beautiful books should be cherished.

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