Where Bartenders Drink

  • Publisher Phaidon
  • Genre Drink
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Choosing a place to go for an after work drink, post dinner catch up or celebratory occasion can be tricky. Where Bartenders Drink aims to make that a little easier by revealing little-known, eclectic and surprising destinations; from dive bars to jazz clubs, wine bars and traditional pubs to hotels and beach bars chosen by the best 225 expert drink-makers in the world.

Following the highly successful format of Phaidon’s Where Chefs Eat (2015) and Where to Eat Pizza (2016), this doorstop 420-page book is a global celebration of the best places to relax and unwind with a drink in hand. With local and regional content, this book finds the best drinking establishments in holiday destinations such as Lima and Manila but also those more local in London and Liverpool.

This book appeals to both serious cocktail-drinkers and all those who want to expand their drinking repertoire whilst getting a great drink at the same time. It’s the only guide you need to ensure that you get the best drinks in the most memorable global locations.

Published on 27th February 2017

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