11 Oct

Skinner’s Brewery collaborates with Freddy Bird

Award-winning Cornish brewing company, Skinner’s Brewery are partnering with chef Freddy Bird. The two have joined forces on an exciting collaboration bringing together their mutual passion for great food and ale.

Freddy and Skinner’s have already been seen together at several high-profile events recently including Port Eliot and the Abergavenny Food Festival showcasing brilliant food and beer pairings. At both Freddy cooked an amazing monkfish, lobster and clam stew paired with Lushingtons and demonstrated how the Skinner’s beers can create a delicious sauce to cover slow-cooked ribs. Skinner’s have all repurposed some traditional brewing equipment into steam-punk style grills and BBQ for Freddy to cook over.

Freddy has also created a number of exclusive recipes for Skinner’s including Hops n’ Honey BBQ ribs, Steak, oyster mushroom and Cornish Knocker ale pie and a Penny Come Quick chocolate ice cream. In the pipeline will be a unique brew created by the minds of Freddy and Skinner’s main man Steve Skinner.

Freddy was born and bred in Bristol but has his roots in the South West and Cornwall. He has a distinctly relaxed and pretension-free approach to cooking and dining and gives particular focus to the provenance of his ingredients and the simplicity with how they are used. An ideal match for Skinner’s Cornish fresh air outlook, Freddy is a lover of the outdoors and is often found cooking over fire both indoors and outdoors.

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