04 Jun

Spending time in the forest

Smith & Baxter relocated some time in the middle of March. We hot-footed from the East End to the middle of Thetford Forest where we have been ever. Baxter & I are lucky to be staying in a beautiful house hidden in the heart of the forest surrounded by trees, squirrels, owls and the odd woodpecker. The quiet and birdsong are a long way from the mayhem of Brick Lane and the chaos of lockdown London – but we do miss home.

However for the first time in years I have actually been able to live the life, in the books that I promote, rather than rushing around in a big frenzy. I can cook from scratch every day – going through all those recipes I’ve earmarked from books. I’ve actually made jam as well as in the slow process of making sourdough bread (starter number two willing that is). We get to cycle through the forest everyday with an ever athletic Baxter in tow. And best of all we have started a potato patch and tow raised beds. Life’s dream of becoming Barbara from the Good Life!

But Smith & Baxter is still hard at work but with a renewed sense of who we are and why we do what we do and why we work with the clients, chefs and books we love the best. We will see you in London, Bristol, Northumberland and beyond very soon…


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