Fiona is the mega star who has helped bring my brand to life and put it in front of all the right people. She is my trusted go-to PR and would not think of working with anybody else.”

Bonnie Chung, Miso Tasty

“Working with Fiona is a dream, she is able to create strong relationships with authors, spins wonderful narratives from books to get coverage across many strands of the media and achieves outstanding results. I couldn’t recommend Smith & Baxter highly enough.”

Vicky Hartley, Nourish Books

“As a new company, Fiona’s knowledge and expertise was invaluable to us. We couldn’t have put on TOAST Festival without her.”

Miranda York , At The Table

“Fiona is everything you want in a publicist. She’s passionate, industry-savvy, fantastic with words, and wonderful with people especially. She played an instrumental role in spreading the word about Cereal and I will always be grateful for her work and guidance. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Rosa Park, Editor of Cereal

“Fiona Smith is nothing more than a joy to work with, professional, efficient and very good at her job. I genuinely believe she loves what she does.

As a publicist Fiona’s approach to work is highly organised and thoughtful. She has a cool head and does not fly at things, a real listener! Because Fiona’s interests are wide ranging she has a great capacity for connecting work briefs with original link ups, that I believe would be missed by others offering the same services. She is a lively conversationalist, inquisitive and seems to leave most meetings, events or adventures with more contacts for what must, by now, be a valuable address book. She is terrific fun, kind and I think highly of her”

Valentine Warner

“Fiona has brilliant contacts, is hugely liked and works like a demon. As if that isn’t enough she is also the most brilliant company ‘on the road’ doing publicity. I love working with her.”

Diana Henry

“Fiona is not only the consummate professional, with the work ethic of a stable of shire horses, but more than that she makes doing the PR rounds enjoyable and even fun. I always look forward to the next time I’ll be working with her.”

Allegra McEvedy

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