Fiona is the consummate publicist professional.  She knows her subject inside out and somehow manages to be on top of all the movements in the industry. Her advice on positioning and publicity for the launch of The Borough Market Cookbook was right on message and resulted in outstanding coverage.

It’s always a pleasure to know you have a meeting with Fiona in your diary, which is probably one of the reasons why she is so successful for her clients!

Claire Ford, Borough Market

Fiona is not only a lovely person and brilliant at what she does, she’s been completely essential to building our business. We’ve worked with her from the early days of launching our publishing house and the press and interest she’s generated have been phenomenal. We totally trust her to work tirelessly and she understand our needs and our brand at every step. We would not be where we are without her.  Thank you, Fiona (and Baxter)

Ann & Martin, Hoxton Mini Press

Fiona is the mega star who has helped bring my brand to life and put it in front of all the right people. She is my trusted go-to PR and would not think of working with anybody else.”

Bonnie Chung, Miso Tasty

“Working with Fiona is a dream, she is able to create strong relationships with authors, spins wonderful narratives from books to get coverage across many strands of the media and achieves outstanding results. I couldn’t recommend Smith & Baxter highly enough.”

Vicky Hartley, Nourish Books

“As a new company, Fiona’s knowledge and expertise was invaluable to us. We couldn’t have put on TOAST Festival without her.”

Miranda York , At The Table

“Fiona is everything you want in a publicist. She’s passionate, industry-savvy, fantastic with words, and wonderful with people especially. She played an instrumental role in spreading the word about Cereal and I will always be grateful for her work and guidance. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Rosa Park, Editor of Cereal

“Fiona Smith is nothing more than a joy to work with, professional, efficient and very good at her job. I genuinely believe she loves what she does.

As a publicist Fiona’s approach to work is highly organised and thoughtful. She has a cool head and does not fly at things, a real listener! Because Fiona’s interests are wide ranging she has a great capacity for connecting work briefs with original link ups, that I believe would be missed by others offering the same services. She is a lively conversationalist, inquisitive and seems to leave most meetings, events or adventures with more contacts for what must, by now, be a valuable address book. She is terrific fun, kind and I think highly of her”

Valentine Warner

“Fiona has brilliant contacts, is hugely liked and works like a demon. As if that isn’t enough she is also the most brilliant company ‘on the road’ doing publicity. I love working with her.”

Diana Henry

“Fiona is not only the consummate professional, with the work ethic of a stable of shire horses, but more than that she makes doing the PR rounds enjoyable and even fun. I always look forward to the next time I’ll be working with her.”

Allegra McEvedy

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