18 Jul

The Chicken and Charcoal Book Tour

The skewers have been eaten, the sake has been drunk, and the English leg of the Yardbird HK book tour is now over.

On Wednesday night, Shoreditch house was host to a yakitori-style barbeque on its lazy lawn, where  Sweet Corn Tempura, Chicken Meatballs with Tare Egg Yolk and Katsu Sando were just some of the delicacies served up to crowds watching the England match on the big screen. Football may not have come home, but the delicious skewers went some way to cheer up the disappointed fans, and guests went away with their very own copy of Chicken and Charcoal.

Yarbird HK’s executive chef then teamed up with Lyle’s on Thursday evening to create a collaborative menu inspired by his Hong Kong restaurant. The event showcased Matt Abergel’s culinary expertise, in his ability to marry local British ingredients with his signature Japanese flavours. Chefs and foodies alike came to sample the greatly anticipated Yakitori-style menu at the sold-out dinner, and to get their first taste of innovative recipes from the pages of Chicken and Charcoal.

This week, Matt Abergel continues his European tour with visits to Amsterdam and Berlin.

Chicken and Charcoal is published by Phaidon. For more information, or to pre-order your copy of the book, please click here.

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