03 Jun

The Goring Hepple Gin Garden is now open

Last week we launched The Goring Hepple Gin Safari in the hotel’s verdant back garden. The Hepple Gin team unveiled their unique, living and breathing botanical bar to the press, Mayfair’s finest and a few sheep.

Cosmopolitan Daisy

This week the bar is open to all and everyone can  experience the spirit of Hepple and the wild Northumberland moors at the Goring Hotel Gin Garden throughout the summer.

27. The opening

The Goring Gardens are awash with English juniper, Douglas fir, lovage, blackcurrant and other key botanicals which form the distinctive Hepple flavour. The team from Hepple have created a number of exclusive cocktails for The Goring and a menu of gin-inspired canapes from June 1st.


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