23 Jan

The Turkish Cookbook wins special André Simon Award

Author Musa Dagdeviren received a Special Commendation for his groundbreaking book in London earlier this week. The prestigious Andre Simon awards showcase the best of contemporary food and drink writing and are now in their 41styear. Musa attended the awards at London’s Goring Hotel with his family, photographer Toby Glanville and his publisher Phaidon Press on Monday.

Dagdeviren’s book celebrates the diversity of authentic Turkish cuisine, with 550 recipes that explore the country’s European and Asian culinary heritage. He is one of Turkey’s most acclaimed chefs and featured in the latest series of the Netflix show Chef’s Table. He runs three restaurants in the heart of Istanbul, where he cultivates a great passion for authentic Turkish cuisine with modern flourishes. Into this book Musa has poured all his passion for the culinary heritage of his homeland – showcasing the most cherished and nostalgic recipes from the cultural landscape of Turkey. Niki Segnit fellow author and food judge of this year’s awards says: “The Turkish Cookbook is a vast, bejewelled box of Turkish delights.”


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