14 Nov

Tim Hayward on ‘Knife’


The most treasured kitchen tool, the knife, has received deserved attention with the release of Tim Hayward’s new book.

In Knife, Tim has written an ode to his life with knives in The Guardian, compiled a list of his seven essential kitchen knives in the Financial Times, drafted a love letter to knives in the Telegraph Weekend, described his dream knife on Mr Porter and outlined the 10 knives every cook needs in The Telegraph.

Knife takes you on a journey across the world and through time from Damascus blades to Chinese cleavers, profiling 40 knives with beautiful photographs and an absorbing story about each knife’s origin. From stratospherically expensive sushi blades to your gran’s old bread knife, this is the story of the kitchen knife – its manufacture, history and use.

Published by Quadrille, you can buy a copy of Knife here.

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